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The Death of the Glory of the ‘Net New Logo’ with Jacki Leahy

Episode Summary

In this episode of the Distributed Truth Podcast, Jackie discusses the challenges of operationalizing the revenue engine of B2B SaaS companies. She highlights the fragmented customer data problem and the need for better approaches to unified customer data. Jackie also shares her insights on the link between investing in unified customer data and revenue growth. Jacki Leahy is the founder of Active The Magic, blazing new trails as a RevOps advisor and vision operationalizer. Previously, Jacki worked at a variety of tech startups, and before that, she was a Manhattan real estate agent and a kindergarten teacher. Jacki shares her real-world learnings from working with nearly 100 different B2B SaaS organizations on their customer journey and go-to-Market strategy. She sees a shift in the center of gravity toward the "right side of the bowtie," toward long-term, sustainable growth. But the "fundamental misalignment of the data architecture of Postgres and Salesforce" and lack of investment mean that customer-facing teams do not have the tools they need to understand user behavior. And for SaaS to succeed, this needs to change.

Episode Notes

The importance of revenue maturity towards customer care, customer success, and growth. "And I'm really hoping that revenue maturity goes toward the light of like when a CRO deeply cares about customer care, customer success, and growth that way, from my experience, a lot of CROs have the title, but still have that like love language of like net new deal."


Data teams trying to reckon with the needs of the business and the need for executive sponsorship. "One thing I observed watching a lot of data team conversations in communities and around Reddit and that kind of stuff is. They, they are trying to reckon with the needs of the business all the time. Mm-hmm. They're not super clear. Yeah. Right. What, how to bring value. And 10 years into data teams, they're still not super clear."


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